4 thoughts on “desoto_lutheran_church

    1. Services are held at DE SOTO LUTHERAN on Sunday
      8:30 Worship
      Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov

      10:30 Worship
      Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec

  1. Hey there, I need some help!! My fiancé and I are wanting to get baptized! He grew up in De Soto and went to school there and has always had a connection to the Mississippi so we are want to do it in the river but don’t know who to reach out to since we don’t live in the area. Any help would be greatly appreciated:) thanks for your time.

    1. Sarah,

      Thanks for your inquiry about the De Soto area.

      There are two Lutheran Churches in the vicinity that are located in villages on the Mississippi. You might consider contacting their Pastors about baptism.

      1) De Soto Lutheran Church, De Soto, WI, Pastor Lori Kleppe, telephone 608-648-3569, FB page

      2) Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Lansing IA, Pastor Laura Gentry, website

      De Soto Village Website Curator

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