Food and Drink



Great River Roadhouse, De Soto WI

Spring Lake Inn, Prairie du Chien WI

Main Channel Grill & Lodging, Lansing  IA

       Rocky’s Supper Club,  Stoddard WI

The Bright Spot , De Soto  WI

Country Gardens Lounge, Soldiers Grove WI

       Sylvan Glen Supper Club, Stoddard WI

       Fajitas Grill, Lansing IA

       Coffee on the River, Lansing IA


Pork’s Hilltop Bar, De Soto  WI

Safe House Saloon, Lansing IA

The Wooden Nickel, Ferryville WI

Shep’s Riverside Bar & Grill, Lansing IA

Rudy’s Hotel & Bar, Genoa WI