About De Soto, WI

De Soto, WI  is set in the heart of the Driftless Area, the eroded ancient sea bed that the glaciers left untouched…..

The geological record is a fascinating story of the ebb and flow of sea waters over the region that took place over eons, leaving layer after layer of sediments.

That story is exposed by millions of years of wind and water erosion, leaving a labyrinth of valleys and ridges undisturbed by Ice Age glaciation.

The area has a long, rich history of Native Americans and American pioneers.  Occupation of the Mississippi river valley dates back thousands of years… leaving extensive archaeological records.

As a result, the De Soto area is packed full of opportunities for enjoying outdoor sports, relaxing at a campsite, exploring natural wonders, experiencing history, finding great food and drink, and making new friends.

Weather Forecast for De Soto, WI

Historical Photographs provided by Jean Sandry